man and boy

Обяснение: everything in a man’s life, a whole life

lost-and-found, lost property or lost articles

Обяснение: it is an office where lost things could be retrieved Значение: бюро загубени вещи

live and let live

live and let live – не се меси в чужда работа

blow and feel

blow / run hot and cold – колебая се , нерешителен съм

leave someone high and dry

Explanation: to leave someone without hope; to leave someone to feel helpless


Explanation: A game that is usually played by children. One of them is closing its eyes while the others are hiding. The task is the first one to find all of hidden children before they come out and reach a specific place.

flesh and blood

Explanation: 1) a human been; 2) to be alive 3) somebody’s child

far and wide

Explanation:  from very far and from many places

“Crash And Burn”

Explanation: to end one’s existence with painful failure,  to bankrupt; приключвам нечие съществуване мъчително, фалирам


spick-and-span / ‘spikən’spæn/ Синоним: clean and tidy /kli:n  ænd ‘taidi /