Idoms with food – fruit and vegetables

Couch potato /голям мързеливец и конкретно за човек, който прекарва пред телевизора много време/ Explanation: a very lazy person who watches too much TV Example: My uncle is a couch potato, you never see him without the remote control in his hand. Top banana /началник, шеф/ Explanation: leader, boss, the chief person in a group, the head of a project Example: I don’t know when we’ll finish, ask Jack, he’s the top banana here. Bad apple /за човек – „не е стока“/ Explanation: troublemaker, criminal Example: He’s a real bad apple. If I were you, I wouldn’t let my daughter go out with him. Sour grapes /“кисело грозде“/ Explanation: pretending to dislike something that you can’t have Example: The losers say they don’t mind that they couldn’t win the cup, but I’m sure this is only sour grapes. Lemon law /Нямаме аналог, означава буквално „лимонов закон“. Отнася се за специален закон в САЩ, който защитава потребителите, закупили дефектна стока./ Explanation: an American law that protects those who buy defective cars or other consumer goods Example: Unfortunately, his new car had an engine defect, but he received a complete refund in accordance with the lemon law. Full of beans /много развълнуван/ Explanation: this...

Idioms with SALE

1. FOR SALE /за продажба/ EXPLANATION: available for  purchase; something which can be bought EXAMPLE: Our company’s new product will be ready for sale next month. 2. ON SALE /на разпродажба/ EXPLANATION: available for purchase on lower than usual price; something which can be bought cheaper than usual EXAMPLE: I’m so happy I’ve found this dress on sale, I couldn’t afford it otherwise.

Idioms with snow

1. to have snow on the mountain/ roof– means that somebody’s hair colour is silver, grey or white; да имаш сребро в косите Example: He might have some snow on the mountain, but he is as cray as he always was. 2. snow job – means a manipulation which involves lying or flattering in order to achieve something; манипулация, включваща лъжи или ласкателства, за да се потигне дадена цел Example: He gained this position just because he did his snow job very well by showering the boss with compliments all the time. 3. roast snow in a furnace – means to try to do something futile; да опечеш сняг в пещ Example: You are roasting snow in a furnace trying to convince him to change his mind. Didn.t you know he is the most stubborn person I’ve ever known. 4. be as pure as the driven snow – means to have high moral and ethics; чист като сняг Example: She used to be as pure as snow but the last couple of years chanced her a lot. 5. snowed in – to be trapped in a place; затрупан, блокиран някъде Example: After the storm we were snowed in for 2 days in the cottage, hopefully we had enough food and wood.

10 travel-inspired idioms

1. Push the boat out Explanation: to spend a lot of money on something especially a celebration; пръскам пари Example: As it’s your birthday, I think we can push the boat out and have a bottle of champagne. 2. In the same boat Explanation: in the same difficult or unpleasant situation; в един кюп, на същото дередже Example:   Tom: I’m broke. Can you lend me twenty dollars? Bill: Sorry. I’m in the same boat 3. Riding high Explanation: to enjoy a period of success; наслаждавам се на успеха си за момента Example: The Republican presidential candidate is still riding high in the polls. 4. With flying colours Explanation: to do something very successfully; правя нещо с голям успех Example: John passed his geometry test with flying colors. 5. When your ship comes in Explanation: a time when you will have a good luck; когато дойде (твоя) час Example: When my ship comes in, we’ll live in one of these huge mansions on the hill. 6. Plain sailing Explanation: something easy to do or achieve; като по мед и масло Example: The roads were busy as we drove out of town, but after that it was plain sailing. 7. On your bike Explanation: rude way to tell someone who is annoying you to go away; разкарай се Example: Ben: Can you lend me the car for tonight? Tim: On your bike, mate. 8. Abandon/ leave/ desert  a sinking ship Explanation: to stop...

Idioms with “EGG”

1. To be a bad/ good egg – to be a bad/ good person; да си добър/ лош човек Examples: The owner of the local shop is a bad egg, he’s always trying to rip people off. Everyone loves Hellen, she’s a good egg because she is careful and heling. *to rip people off: to steal from or cheat (someone)/ да крадеш или мамиш някого 2. To egg someone on – to encourage someone to do something, usually bad or wrong or dangerous; да окуражаваш някого да прави нещо лошо, неправилно или опасно Example: Why did you egg Simon on to jump from tat cliff? He could have killed himself. 3. To have egg on one’s face – to be embarrassed by an error committed; да бъдеш засрамен, заради допусната грешка Example:  You will have egg on your face if people find out you lied about this. 4. To put all one’s eggs in one basket – to risk everything at once; да рискуваш всичко наведнъж Example: Don’t invest in this all your savings that’s putting all your eggs in one basket. If the project fails, you will lose all your money. 5. To teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs – to try to tell someone who has more knowledge that you how to do something; да учиш някого на нещо, в което той има повече познания Аналог: продавам краставици на краставичар Example: Don’t tell...

Idioms with “WEATHER” words

1. Weather a storm Explanation: you survive a dangerous or difficult time Превод: да устоиш на буря Употреба: когато някой се съвзема след преживян тежък момент Example: Bob lost his job, but somehow his family weathered the storm.   2. A fair-weather friend Explanation: a person who will only be your friend when things are going well for you Превод: приятел в добри времена Употреба: за човек, който се държи добре, приятелски само когато сте в нещата при вас вървят добре Example: Few years ago I had a lot of money and I knew a lot of people, but most of them turned out to be fair-weather friends.   3. Quick as lightning /a wink Explanation: be extremely quick. Превод: бърз като светкавица Example: Quick as lightning the thief took the lady’s purse.   4. Come rain or shine Explanation: You’ll turn up definitely Превод: ела обезателно Example: The guest will be there come rain or shine, so the wedding won’t be off this time.   5. Snowed under Explanation: When you have so much to do that you’re having trouble doing it all Превод: затрупан с работа Example: Look, can you do this report, I’m really snowed under at the moment.   6. When it rains, it pours Explanation: when one thing goes wrong,...

Idioms with “HOUR” (part 2)

after hours, the witching hour, happy hour, wee hours, long hours, the small hours, banker’s hours

7 idioms and expressions with “HOUR”

at the eleventh hour, in somebody’s hour of need, the bottom of the hour, at the top of the hour, (one’s) finest hour, (the) man/woman of the hour, for hours on end

Изрази и идиоми свързани с любовта

Love idioms and expressions (2) 1. The love of my life Explanation: The person one wants to spend the rest of their life with and cannot imagine being without. Аналог: Любовта на моя живот Example: George and Gracie were completely devoted to each other.  Gracie was the love os George’s life and he eternally missed her. 2. А face only a mother could love Explanation: A mother’s  love does not care if the face of the child is beautiful or hideous Превод: „Лице, което само една майка може да обича“ -  Изразът е ироничен и се използва, когато някой се външността на друг) Example: My favorite boxer has a face only a mother could love. 3. Love makes the world go round Explanation: If people are nice to each other everything goes easier and everybody is happy. Превод: „Любовта кара света да се върти“ Example: I wish the nations would stop fighting it’s love that makes the world go round. 4. Make love not war Explanation: When you want to prompt some people not to fight literally and metaphorically but to make love literally or be friends.   Превод: „Правете любов, не война“ – Изразът се свързва с хипи движението от 60-те, чиито представители са били изразени пацифисти. Example: If people make love not war,...

Make love not war

… или картинен речник на изрази свързани с любовта, романтичните срещи, разлюбването и още нещо… Забележка: За да видите изображението в цял размер кликнете с десен бутон върху него и изберете “Преглед на изображението.”